Protection of special occasions and events

What is party and event security?

_Event security is activities whose main goal is to ensure the safety of participants and event staff. Security is ensured by a security agency, often in consultation or cooperation with local authorities and uniformed services.
_Ensuring the safety of parties and events involves the risk of unusual incidents, such as fights, injuries, destruction of property, crowd control, catching aggressive guests and other unexpected situations. Protecting such events tests the range of skills and experience of the agency providing security, from protection itself through anti-terrorism, risk assessment, action planning and employee support.

Event planning.

_Regardless of whether the event is a small intimate event or a large event for hundreds of guests, security staff must create an action plan and procedures for each eventuality. It is the task of our specialists to combine someone's plan for an event with real threats and real safety requirements.
_When planning each event, where it is to take place, at what time, in what style, how many guests are to be there, ensuring safety and security should be an integral part of this plan.

Jakie są zadania i obowiązki ochrony eventów?

_We often see security personnel in uniforms during a concert or other event, but have you ever wondered what they actually do?
  • They ensure safety
  • They support emergency services
  • They often provide first aid
  • They control access to the event
  • They search people entering
  • They support and help guests
  • They monitor the area with CCTV
  • They secure the so-called "backstage"
  • For some events, they provide individual protection for VIPs
  • They are responsible for communication
  •  They centralize and control activities
  • They patrol the event venue
  • They ensure the safe course of the event and its completion

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