Personal Security

What is personal protection?

_Personal protection is, above all, ensuring the safety of the person who is so-called VIP.
_Personal protection is, above all, 24-hour security of the protected person and often also of his/her family and property. Personal security is a specific way of controlling the VIP's environment. This task is not easy and often requires the work of a team of people. Security must always be ready to act. The key to proper operation of security is properly qualified and selected staff. To be able to protect the most important people in the country, or wealthy people, you must have a number of qualities and the necessary experience that will enable you to ensure the highest level of security for each client.

Who is personal protection for?

_People who are protected by their bodyguards are colloquially called VIPs. From the English VIP - Very Important Person, a very important person, this is how politicians, actors, people with large assets and, nowadays, also influencers, are usually referred to. It is with these clients in mind that the VIP Protection security agency has prepared its offer.
_Very often, social functions, property owned or popularity may pose a threat to the health or even life of the VIP or loss of material goods. As we know, the life and health of us and our loved ones are the most important, which is why people with VIP status so often decide to cooperate with security agencies.
_The main task of personal protection is to protect the VIP against the risk of loss of life and health and to ensure the safety of his family and property.

Details of our Personal Protection

_Professional, discreet, polite and well-educated, loyal and hard-working. Our personal protection specialists will perfectly fit your lifestyle. With VIP PROTECTION you can benefit from our knowledge and experience of local culture, traditions and cities to focus solely on your family, friends or work.
_You are worried about your safety, the safety of your family and loved ones. Do you want to hire professionals? Our company VIP PROTECTION will be your security agency. Our commitment is total, we use all necessary resources and opportunities to satisfy our customers and guarantee their safety.

Experienced and professional officers

_Our security guards are former members of special forces, uniformed services and other formations with extensive experience in the field of security. Each of our specialists undergoes regular training, enabling them to quickly adapt to the environment and situations. All VIP PROTECTION employees are highly qualified to ensure the highest level of safety for our customers
_From the first contact with VIP PROTECTION, all conversations and information will be kept strictly confidential, regardless of the subsequent decision.

Międzynarodowe doświadczenie

_Our company VIP PROTECTION provides its services in Poland and the entire EU. as well as in the countries of the Middle East and in the countries of the Indian Ocean region.