Protection for trips and meetings

VIP customer protection during trips

_Traveling nowadays carries many risks. More and more often, holiday resorts and business centers are flooded with waves of crime.
_Ensuring safety while traveling is a real challenge for those responsible for security. A trip often requires many days of preparation and planning. Preparing the place of stay, checking the surroundings and the house or apartment itself, getting acquainted with the city map and potential threats on site. A VIP trip involves implementing many different security procedures.


_Regardless of whether the client is going on a trip around Poland or going on holiday to the Maldives, his safety is a priority for VIP PROTECTION. Our agency cooperates with many companies dealing with security and others. It is extremely important to properly secure your house, villa or apartment..
_Professionally prepared CCTV monitoring and alarm, thanks to cooperation with security agents, are an important weapon in their protection hands. It allows for early detection of threats and their quick elimination. However, only monitoring based on agents' instructions can guarantee effective assistance.

Hazards while traveling

_Despite increasing expenditure on uniformed forces, they are unable to ensure an adequate level of safety for all people. Waves of immigrants flooding Europe are increasingly the cause of rising statistics of robberies, robberies, thefts, burglaries, etc. etc..
_A qualified security employee is able to quickly and efficiently neutralize threats and provide his client and his family with a safe and carefree holiday.
_An invaluable aspect of working with the bodyguards of the VIP PROTECTION agency is their support and cultural knowledge. Our employees are highly qualified, cultured people. Their knowledge and cultural knowledge will allow you to avoid many unpleasant situations, and the experience they gain will allow the VIP to enjoy a safe trip.

Security and more

_When working with the VIP PROTECTION agency, your safety is in good hands. Our employees have medical training in first aid, as well as the experience they have gained over the years while serving in uniformed units, which significantly expands their knowledge and goes beyond what we can call first aid.